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Reflecting Telescopes - Material Requirements
UPDATE: We have removed our SCT Material Requirements Flowchart and our Refractor Material Requirements Flowchart for updates. Nearly all of our SCT and refractor owners should order our non-spray formula polymer, and the best kits for a SCT or refractor are our All-Inclusive kits, the Red First Contact Regular All-Inclusive and Deluxe All-Inclusive kits. The All-Inclusive kits are the best choice for many small reflecting telescopes too since there is no prep work to contain overspray from our spray formula kits.

The All-Inclusive kits include the polymer and accessories required to clean your equipment, all bundled in a single item for easier ordering.

Refractor owners don't forget to read the informative oring procedural document on our SDS and Tech Data Page and check out our oring selection to stop the polymer from flowing on or under optic retaining rings.

We will revise the flowcharts as soon as possible to reflect the new kits available for these applications.