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First Contactâ„¢ Polymer

A safe, easy-to-use strip coat cleaning system that removes dust, fingerprints, residues and contaminants from precision surfaces.

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All-Inclusive 500ml and 1L Bottles - One Click All-Inclusive Kits - One Click FC Gold Formula Polymer

Copper, Brass & Aluminum Polymer Plastics Formula Polymer Black First Contact Polymer

Kits with Flat Rate Shipping Red Polymer Kits and All Other Polymer Kits Spray First Contact Polymer

Bulk Bottles - 500ml and 1L Specialy Items: DF-ESD, etc.
Accessories: Sprayer, Pretreatment, etc.

Brushes Orings Thinner

WHO Sanitizer

Coated Optics
Certain coatings have inherently poor adhesion, especially if manufactured without effective substrate preparation, particularly gold and silver coatings and replicated aluminum gratings. Always test on an inconspicuous or non-critical area first.