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Black Formula First Contact Polymer

Our engineers developed and tested several iterations of polymers with additives to hide backside reflections until they were satisfied with the results. Our Black First Contact Polymer is the result of their efforts!

Why the need to hide backside reflections on optics? Read below!

Black Formula Polymer for Backside Reflection Hiding

Transparent substrates introduce challenges in optical metrology, interferometry, and microscopy. Backside reflections reduce signal to noise, are recorded as artifacts, or introduce false signals. These reflections often need to be suppressed, however many uses require the use of a removeable anti-reflection (AR) coatings. Our customer's know Photonic Cleaning Technologies has created several specialized polymer formulations, so it was no surprise when we were asked if we could develop a polymer to hide backside reflections while still providing the ability to clean the substrate to the molecular level. Our Black First Contact fills that requirement! The polymer is already successfully deployed with several companies and is available for purchase in kit and bulk bottle form. The polymer is slightly more viscous than our other non-spray polymers and the dry film will not look smooth like car paint and was never intended to do so, however the polymer on the substrate surface will be smooth to hide reflections. If the bubbles don't allow for a continuous black film apply a second coat to the substrate.

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Proven Results

Sequential progression First Contact cleaning BRDF test.
[LIGO / Caltech / MIT]

When your interferometer needs to measure movement thousands of times smaller than a proton, your system’s optical components must be completely free of contamination and residue in order to perform with unprecedented precision. Learn how First Contact outperforms traditional drag wipe cleaning methods, ensuring a pristinely clean, protected surface.

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