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Cleaning Diffraction Gratings

Diffraction gratings, or phase masks, are difficult to clean. Traditional methods are time consuming and require hazardous chemicals. First Contactâ„¢ simplifies the cleaning process and ensures excellent results.

Formulated to Clean and Protect Phase Masks

  • Lifts from nanostructures
  • Removes contamination
  • Protects diffraction gratings from dust, abrasions, oxygen, water and water vapor, gaseous sulfur compounds, and fingerprints

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Simply apply a generous amount of First Contact to the diffraction grating and allow it to dry. If the contaminants are only particulates, the application rate may be as little as 1 ml for each 3.5 square inches, 22.5 square centimeters. If there are skin oils or fingerprints, use 1 ml for each 2 square inches, 13 square centimeters. When lifting oils from a contaminated phase mask, it is helps to place a cover over the treated optic to slow down the drying process and allow it to dry overnight. If the oily contamination is heavy, it may help to rinse with an organic solvent prior to using First Contact.