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Cleaning Diffraction Gratings

Replicated aluminum diffraction gratings are difficult to clean. Traditional methods are time consuming and require hazardous chemicals. First Contactâ„¢ simplifies the cleaning process and ensures excellent results.

Formulated to Clean and Protect Phase Masks

  • Lifts from nanostructures
  • Removes contamination
  • Protects diffraction gratings from dust, abrasions, oxygen, water and water vapor, gaseous sulfur compounds, and fingerprints

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Simply apply a generous amount of First Contactâ„¢ to the phase mask and allow it to dry. If the contaminants are only particulates the application rate may be as little as 1 ml for each 3.5 square inches, 22.5 square centimeters; but if there are skin oils or fingerprints use 1 ml for each 2 square inches, 13 square centimeters. When lifting oils from a contaminated phase mask a thick polymer coat will help dissolve the oils. If the oily contamination is heavy, it may help to rinse with an organic solvent prior to using First Contact.