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Bulk Bottles

Please note: Bulk bottles do NOT come with any applicator brushes, pipettes, or peel tabs/floss/mesh for removal from the surface. Please consider adding some brushes, pipettes, floss, Inert Nylon Mesh (FCNet) or First Contact Peel Tabs (FCPT) to your cart.

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C of C - Certificate of Compliance/Conformance RTFCF - Red First Contact Thinner 500 ml Bulk Bottle Priority Overnight Shipping Dangerous Goods Fee - USA ONLY
TFCF - Colorless First Contact Thinner 500 ml RTFCL - Red First Contact Thinner 1000 ml TFCL - Colorless First Contact Thinner 1000 ml
RSFCF - Red Spray First Contact 500 ml SFCF - Spray First Contact 500 ml RFCF - Red First Contact 500 ml Bottle
CFCF - DTC Formula First Contact 500 ml Bottle FCF - First Contact 500 ml Bottle RSFCL - Red Spray First Contact 1000 ml
SFCL - Spray First Contact 1000 ml RFCL - Red First Contact 1000 ml FCL - First Contact 1000 ml Bottle
RED1M - Red Spray First Contact 1-Meter Mirror Kit

Shipping Restrictions
We cannot ship to P.O. boxes. We must have a physical address in order to ship First Contact Polymers.

Bulk bottle deliveries to Home addresses MUST be signed for by someone at the address per FedEx requirements.

Please select Fedex Ground or Fedex Priority Overnight in the USA when ordering 500 ml or 1000 ml bottles.
International orders only ship International Priority for bulk bottles. If you select anything other than these two, we will automatically ship Ground and will refund the shipping price difference.

If shipping Priority overnight and NOT using your own FedEx account, you must add the FedEx Priority Overnight Dangerous Goods Fee to your cart. Only one is needed for an entire order.

Coated Optics
Certain coatings have inherently poor adhesion, especially if manufactured without effective substrate preparation, particularly gold and silver coatings and replicated aluminum gratings. Always test on an inconspicuous or non-critical area first.