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Spray First Contact™ Polymer

Red First Contact Spray formula is now supplied premixed and has been improved for ease of application while maintaining or improving other performance attributes. The results are a better spray pattern from our sprayers, resulting in simpler application to vertical surfaces and a stronger film to resist tearing.

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Proven Results

Sequential progression First Contact cleaning BRDF test.
[LIGO / Caltech / MIT]

When your interferometer needs to measure movement thousands of times smaller than a proton, your system’s optical components must be completely free of contamination and residue in order to perform with unprecedented precision. Learn how First Contact outperforms traditional drag wipe cleaning methods, ensuring a pristinely clean, protected surface.

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C of C - Certificate of Compliance/Conformance RFCS - Red First Contact Starter Kit (SCT Owners Read Description Carefully) RFCAST - Red First Contact Combo Assortment Kit (SCT Owners Read Description Carefully)
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RED1M - Red Spray First Contact 1-Meter Mirror Kit

Shipping Restrictions
We cannot ship to P.O. boxes. We must have a physical address in order to ship First Contact Polymers.

Coated Optics
Certain coatings have inherently poor adhesion, especially if manufactured without effective substrate preparation, particularly gold and silver coatings and replicated aluminum gratings. Always test on an inconspicuous or non-critical area first.