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First Contact™ Polymer Solution and Large Mirrors

Cleaning large mirrors, in fact any large optic surface, is a difficult challenge. Photonic Cleaning Technologies conquers the challenge with Spray Formula First Contact Polymer Solution. Click Here to Order

Spray application of First Contact polymer allows complete coverage of any size optic surface using a completely touch-free process. No wipes, no brushes, no chance of scratching the surface! And First Contact™ polymer film protects the mirror, too. Just leave the polymer film on the mirror for strong protection from water, water vapor, oxygen, and physical threats. Recontamination is not a problem when the cleaned mirror is recoated with First Contact™.

Spray Formula First Contact can be applied using manual pumps or pressure sprayers. There are three manual sprayers available from Photonic Cleaning Technologies. You will find application procedures for the manual sprayers at Spray First Contact Instructions.

First Contact™ and manual spray bottles can be purchased on the secure Yahoo! link, First Contact™ Store

There is some basic information for pressure spray application in Technical Bulletin 141 – Spray Application Note. More information can be found on the web or by contacting vendors of HVLP coating equipment.

Some Current Customers using First Contact™ on large, unprotected mirrors

W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii at 14,000 ft atop Mauna Kea.

ESO La Silla

ITT, SLRSC Western Range Depot Optics Group, Vandenberg Air Force Base

Cleaning Phase Masks with First Contact™ Polymer Solution
Phase masks are difficult to clean. Traditional methods are time consuming and require hazardous chemicals. First Contact™ simplifies cleaning phase masks and ensures excellent results.

Simply apply a generous amount of First Contact™ to the phase mask and allow it to dry. If the contaminants are only particulates the application rate may be as little as 1 ml for each 3.5 square inches, 22.5 square centimeters; but if there are skin oils or fingerprints use 1 ml for each 2 square inches, 13 square centimeters. When lifting oils from a contaminated phase mask it is helps to place a cover over the treated optic to slow down the drying process and allow it to dry overnight. If the oily contamination is heavy, it may help to rinse with an organic solvent prior to using First Contact™. Detailed instructions for cleaning a phase mask are just a click away: Cleaning phase masks.

First Contact™ is safe on fused silica, glass of all kinds, and crystals.

First Contact™ is the safest cleaning product and the only protective film that also cleans an optic.
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All in one kit for cleaning telescope mirrors up to 20" in size.