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First Contactâ„¢ NV Hand Sanitizers

Our Hospital Grade hand sanitizers conform to the highest of FDA and WHO standards.
Pure, safe, FDA approved ingredients. FDA approved formulas with bitterness additives.

Recent breaking news on 4/30/2020 accuses some manufacturers of cutting corners, using impure ingredients and skipping critical denaturants that make hand sanitizers distasteful to children and pets.
For your customer's and family's safety don't be fooled by poor quality, counterfeit hand sanitizers containing toxins and carcinogens. Our First Contact hand sanitizers are made from pure ingredients.

We offer both the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended Hospital Grade non-gel formula and the more popular gel formula.

Pickup at Platteville manufacturing plant by appointment only. Please call 608-467-5396.

Click here for the First Contactâ„¢NV Hand Sanitizer SDS

Kills germs and bacteria

Both formulas contain >80% of the germ killing alcohols and ingredients, the optimum WHO recommended amount for maximum sanitization.

"Tests have confirmed that two hand sanitizer formulations recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) inactivate the virus that causes coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19). The tests also provide reassurance that store-bought sanitizers combat the virus.":

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Spray: Case of 24 - 450ml (~16oz) WHO Sanitizer Spray Bottles