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FC WR Water Resistant First Contact Polymer Solution

You asked. We listened! Introducing our colorless, NEW Water Resistant First Contact Polymer! Many customers asked about a water resistant formula to protect during wet operations such as polishing and dicing. Our engineers developed this new and unique polymer blend to withstand water immersion and penetration yet exhibit the same low adhesion and contamination removal as our other First Contact Polymers! The polymer passed our testing for immersion up to 24 hours at room temperature and elevated temperatures up to ~25C in both static and agitated water baths, and also for 30 minutes in an ultrasonic bath. Our engineers dedicated hundreds of hours to develop and test this new formula to meets both our and our customer’s strict quality control requirements. We suggest testing prior to wholesale implementation as your substrate or water introduction technique may be different than our test regiment.

First Contact™ Polymer

Specially formulated to safely remove all contaminants from optical surfaces, First Contact is a proprietary blend of solvents designed to clean first surface mirrors, diffraction gratings, and diffractive optics to the molecular level. First Contact is low-adhesion, leaves no residue, and is carefully designed not to thermally shock or remove coatings – simply apply, dry, and peel to reveal an atomically clean, contaminant-free surface.

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Proven Results

Sequential progression First Contact cleaning BRDF test.
[LIGO / Caltech / MIT]

When your interferometer needs to measure movement thousands of times smaller than a proton, your system’s optical components must be completely free of contamination and residue in order to perform with unprecedented precision. Learn how First Contact outperforms traditional drag wipe cleaning methods, ensuring a pristinely clean, protected surface.

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