BFCS - Black First Contact Starter Kit
BFCS - Black First Contact Starter Kit
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This kit is an excellent choice when evaluating whether our spray formula or non-spray formula polymer will work best for your process and substrates.

Our Black Polymer Formula is for optical microscopy and other processes where backside reflection suppression is desired. Read more about Black Formula on our SDS and Tech Data Page or click HERE

Kit contains:
1 x 15 ml Black First Contact Polymer Applicator Bottle
2 x 29 ml Black Spray First Contact Bottles
1 x 29 ml Black First Contact Thinner for cleaning spray heads
15 Peel Tabs
80 ml spray bottle
2 x 80 ml Spray Bottle spray heads
1 Pipette
Sample of FCUF (floss) and FCNet (chemically inert mesh)

This kit contains sufficient SPRAY polymer to cover approximately 160in2 (1,000cm2) square inches and NON-SPRAY polymer to cover ~60in2 (380cm2).

For mounted optics we recommend purchasing our chemically inert mesh (FCNet) for easier film removal. We also recommend using orings to control the polymer flow and avoid wicking under mounted optic retaining rings
Hiding Optical Backside Reflections for Surface Spectroscopy

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