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First Contact has been used on some of the largest and most famous telescopes in the world and it has been used by professional and amateur astronomers for over a decade.

Mauna Kea hosts numerous observatories due to its dry air, location above the inversion layer, and lack of atmospheric pollution.

First Contact™ is the optimal cleaning and protection product for your telescope optics. This means the primary mirror, secondary mirror, corrector plate, and small optics like the eyepieces and camera lenses.

First Contact™ is safe for all mirrors and optical surfaces. It has been used to clean 1.8 meter (70.9 inch) hexagonal mirrors in the W. M. Keck Observatory and other meter class mirrors by ESO in Chile, the LuLin Observatory in Taiwan, and the Hong Kong Space Museum in Hong Kong. Customers include several military optics depots with responsibility for telescope mirrors from 8 inches to 142 inches (3.6 meters.) Observatories in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe use First Contact™ to clean their mirrors.

Why use First Contact™?
To simplify mirror care and cleaning! No moving the mirror, no lifting the mirror, no touching the mirror. With First Contact™ it is not necessary to remove the mirror from the mirror cell or the telescope. The mirror can be cleaned in the telescope. Why handle the most delicate and most expensive component of your telescope if you do not need to?