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New Release: First Contact Polymer used to clean sections of the Gran Telescopio Canaris
First Contact Polymer was used to clean sections of the Gran Telescopio Canaris in January. Read the press release here.

First Contact™ Polymer Solution and Large Mirrors

Cleaning large mirrors, in fact any large optic surface, is a difficult challenge. Photonic Cleaning Technologies conquers the challenge with Spray Formula First Contact Polymer Solution.

Spray application of First Contact polymer allows complete coverage of any size optic surface using a completely touch-free process. No wipes, no brushes, no chance of scratching the surface!

First Contact™ polymer film protects the mirror too. Just leave the polymer film on the mirror for strong protection from water vapor, oxygen, and physical threats. Re-contamination is not a problem when the cleaned mirror is recoated with First Contact™.

Spray Formula First Contact can be applied using manual pumps or pressure sprayers. There are three sprayer styles available from Photonic Cleaning Technologies; we have hand pumped, hand compression pumped, and a heavy duty aluminum sprayer that can pressurized with a bicycle

There is some basic information for pressure spray application in Technical Bulletin 141 – Spray Application Note. More information can be found on the web or by contacting vendors of HVLP coating equipment.

Some Current Customers using First Contact™ on large, unprotected mirrors

W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii at 14,000 ft atop Mauna Kea.
ESO La Silla
ITT, SLRSC Western Range Depot Optics Group, Vandenberg Air Force Base
First Contact™ is safe on fused silica, glass of all kinds, and crystals.
First Contact™ is the safest cleaning product and the only protective film that also cleans an optic.

Crystal Manor Observatory, Purcellville VA 20132

RC Optical Systems 24″ Primary Mirror

Before Coated After

Takahashi Wide Field
Before Coated After

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