FCD - First Contact Deluxe Kit - Legacy Product
FCD - First Contact Deluxe Kit - Legacy Product
Our Price: $256.00

Product Code: FCD

**This is a legacy formula. Unless there is a specific reason you need this product vs the Red First Contact Formula (which dries faster, has lower adhesion on gold, and is easier to see), we highly recommend purchasing Red First Contact Formulas. If you have any questions, please contact us.**

Colorless Deluxe Kit includes:
1 x 15 ml Applicator Bottle
4 x 29 ml Refill Bottles
50 Peel Tabs
Sample of FCUF (floss) and FCNet (chemically inert mesh)

For mounted mirrors, refractor objectives, and corrector plates we suggest purchasing our chemically inert mesh (FCNet) for easier film removal. Eyepieces and objectives demand FCNet or FCUF unwaxed dental floss.