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Cleanroom Clean,
without the Cleanroom. How it works:

1. Apply

1. Apply

2. Dry

2. Dry

3. Peel

3. Peel

Achieve Atomically Clean Optics with Ease

Achieve Atomically Clean
Optics with Ease

Low Adhesion

First Contact is a non-toxic polymer system specially formulated to minimize surface adhesion: 1/20 the adhesion of Scotch tape.

Easy to Use

This one-part strip coating simplifies your cleaning process. First Contact conforms to any contour. Just apply, dry, and peel to reveal the restored surface, which is now clean to the molecular level.

Protects Delicate Surfaces

Keeps optics safe from physical and chemical damage in use, storage, assembly, and shipping.

Caltech magazine


Watch First Contact in action as
Caltech University cleans LIGO.

Before & After Images

Telescope Before Telescope After
The 1M Telescope Mirror at the Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile
Microscope Before Microscope After
Atomic Force Microscope images of Porphyrin Nanorod Contamination, Haverford College, Dr. Walter Smith
Aluminum Grating Before Aluminum Grating After
Replicated Aluminum Diffraction Grating with Fingerprint Contamination
Starfire Telescope Before Starfire Telescope After
Starfire EDF Telescope