Red Spray Deluxe Astronomy Kit - FLAT RATE SHIPPING $6.50
Red Spray Deluxe Astronomy Kit - FLAT RATE SHIPPING $6.50
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Product Code: RSFCDA-FRS

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Our Red Spray Deluxe Astronomy Kit contains 130ml of spray polymer and 15ml of non-spray polymer and all the typical application and removal accessories into a "one click" kit for easy customer ordering. The kit includes:
Cleaning a telescope? This kit is an excellent choice for Dobsonian, Newtonian, and other telescopes up to 18"D (45cm) where the mirror is easily accessed and/or removed for cleaning.
See our Applications Page and view our 3 flowcharts for reflectors, refractors and SCTs to choose the best kit for your application. Do not order this kit if you are cleaning a SCT Corrector plate. This kit contains primarily SPRAY formula polymer and SCTs are better suited for NON-SPRAY polymer. Our RFCRAI or RFCDAI are excellent choices for SCT owners.

This kit contains sufficient SPRAY polymer to cover up to 300 square inches and NON-SPRAY polymer to cover up to 60 square inches, and necessary application and removal accessories.

Kit includes:
1 x 15 ml Red First Contact Polymer applicator bottle
4 x 29 ml Red Spray First Contact Polymer bottles
1 x 29 ml Red First Contact Thinner bottle for cleaning spray heads
30 First Contact Polymer Peel Tabs
80 ml Spray Bottle
2 x 80 ml Spray Bottle spray heads
1 x 8 ml Pipette
3 pack of 3" x 3" chemically inert mesh (FCNet)
Small floss, 12 meters (FCUF)
12 mm Solo Fan Brush (FCB1)