RED1M - Red Spray First Contact 1-Meter Mirror Kit
RED1M - Red Spray First Contact 1-Meter Mirror Kit
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All items required to clean a 1-meter mirror (or smaller mirror multiple times)
If you have a 1-meter mirror (or approximate inch equivalent) this kit was built for you. This kit contains every item you will need to clean your mirror to as new reflectance. You receive all items to protect your OTA and/or mirror cell, apply the polymer and remove the dry polymer film and you save almost 20% as a kit vs. purchasing individual items! The kit contains:

1 x RSFCL - 1 liter of Red Spray First Contact Polymer
1 x RTFCF - 500ml of Red First Contact Thinner (Solvent)
4 x 29ml vials of Red First Contact Polymer
1 x FCMX - pretaped polyethylene "drop cloth"
1 x FCPS - 5 pack of 8ml pipettes
1 x FCB - large "bumper sticker" size peel tabs
1 x FCNet - chemically inert mesh kit
1 x Sable4 - pure sable hair brush w/23mm fan
1 x 30 pack of small peel tabs
1 x S16AR - aluminum reusable sprayer
1 x FCBP - pressurizing pump for S16AR sprayer
1 x SBKT - trigger sprayer kit

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