RFCIM - Red First Contact InterMax Kit

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Shipping regulations require than any flammable liquid ships as "dangerous goods" or hazardous goods" when shipped in quantities larger than 499 ml. This means tacking on additional fees ranging from $30 all the way to $130 for the customer. So, why not ship a product just below that quantity? Good question! That's why the First Contact Intermax Kits were created. This kit ships with 479 ml of Red First Contact Polymer ready to clean the most sensitive surfaces on the planet AND it doesn't require additional hazard shipping fees.

The RFCIM includes:
16 x 29 ml bottles of Red First Contact Polymer
1 x 15 ml Applicator bottle
50 First Contact Polymer peel tabs
Sample of FCUF (floss) and FCNet (chemical resistant nylon mesh)

For mounted mirrors, refractor objectives, and corrector plates we suggest purchasing our chemical resistant nylon mesh (FCNet) for easier film removal. Eyepieces and objectives demand FCNet or FCUF unwaxed dental floss.

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